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Mother Terror announces her presence

A most humiliating death...
Mother Terror was one of the three captains of the Virgin Pirates, a trio of sister ghouls who committed atrocities in life and pretended they were doing good. This spared them from becoming vampires, but also gave them the capability of causing the Nosferatu a great deal of trouble. The Virgin Pirates united an army of zombies and attacked the vampires during their raid on a mutated London. The Virgin Pirates, looking for profit, wanted slaves out of the surprise attack but ultimately lost Mother Terror in the process. After her death, her pet - a flying creature resembling a Pterodactyl and only identified as a "talking dictionary" - became loyal to Requiem.

Powers and Abilities

Otto's lust for Mother Terror's blood almost gets him killed
Mother Terror was an incredibly skilled fighter, having defeated Otto von Todt in battle and proved herself capable of fighting Requiem on equal terms. 

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