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Mother knows best.

Take it from your mumsy.

On your own you won't survive.

Sloppy, underdressed,

Immature, clumsy, Please!

They'll eat you up alive!

- Mother Gothel.

Mother Gothel in Tangled

Mother Gothel and her foster daughter Rapunzel

Mother Gothel is the Disney's version of the evil witch Mother Gothel from the fairy tale Rapunzel. She is voiced by Donna Murphy.

Like Claude Frollo she takes care of her foster child, but unlike him and Lady Tremaine she shows some kindness to her adoptive daughter. However, their relationship is not a healthy one and can be considered abusive. Mother Gothel commonly demeans Rapunzel while praising herself. She keeps Rapunzel locked in doors "for her own good," and uses her magical hair to preserve her youth. Their relationship is hard to define as all good or all bad.

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