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Mose is a vampire. He is responsible for introducing his adopted daughter Lillith Weiss to Mr. Monster.


Mose is created by Michael T. Gilbert.

Major Story Arcs

Present at a meeting of the Vortex (a cabal of demons) who were discussing what they could do about Mr. Monster, Mose remembers the story of how in medieval times the dragon Fin-Fa'ang lured a Mr. Monster to his lair. Having dropped oil, Mr. Monster's horse slipped. Drenched in oil, Mr. Monster was fried by Fin-Fa'ang's fiery breath. Despite not being present when Mr. Monster was killed, his son Sigfried Stearn gave his horse spiked hooves, thus his horse didn't slip when visiting the lair of Fin-Fa'ang. Stunned by surprise, the dragon's head was cut off by Sigfried.

This story gives Mose the idea that every Mr. Monster must have the memories and knowledge of their successors. To get rid of Mr. Monster, he concludes, the demons must break the lineage. The plan is quickly adopted by the Vortex and Mose is made vampire king as a reward for his great plan.

Studying Mr. Monsters, Mose waits centuries for the right moment. That moment comes when Jim Stearn was left by his girlfriend Gloria Greene. Figuring that another woman could seduce him now, Mose handpicks Lillith as that woman. Knowing a human and a vampire can't reproduce, Mose thought that this would effectively break the lineage of Mr. Monsters.

Jim Stearn and Lillith fall in love, marry and, against all odds, get a son, Strongfort Stearn. Mose plans to kill the son by ordering Lillith to take Strongfort to Stearn Mansion, where they will be awaited by three vampiric brothers of Lillith. Jim Stearn learns of this plan and foils it by making a deal with the Fluorescent Five. Inside Stearn Mansion, Jim finds Mose and tortures him for information by pouring holy oil in Mose's eyes.

Blinded, Mose lives out his life in a remote part of a swamp, sometimes visited by his grandson.

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