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Created by writers John Wagner and Alan Grant and artist Brendan McCarthy, Morton Judd is the leader of the lost tribe of Judges - The Judda.

Morton Judd was a Council of Five member in the early, harsher, days of Mega-City One. At this time Judges were being cloned and Judd wanted to clone the citizens as well - to genetically remove criminal tendencies and create the perfect citizen.

The other Judges dismissed his ideas, but Judd couldn't accept this. In a failed coup attempt (in which he tried to assassinate Chief Judge Fargo), Judd and his followers were shot down. Judd was going to be executed, but escaped with a large part of generic tissue stock before sentence could be carried out.

Many years later, with a clone army behind him (christened 'The Judda' - the lost tribe of Judges), Judd once again tries to take Mega-City One. This time he's thwarted by Judge Dredd who lets off a nuke inside his secret lair within Ayers Rock, Australia - ending the threat of The Judda forever.

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