Whatever happened to Lois London?

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The title says it all. Whatever happened to Ali's step-sister Lois.

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@Chimerawave said:
" Wikipedia has an updated bio of Lois. Still i hope she is still powered. She was HAWT!! "
I would had hope someone picked her at least for an alternate reality were she joined the X-Men instead of her sister or if they were both in a good relationship and when on to make joined the same team
#3 Posted by Chimerawave (53 posts) - - Show Bio
That would have made for a really cool storyline. Im glad she is reappearing as a member of Selene's death squad.
#4 Posted by Leliel (1452 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chimerawave: I'm just glad she is back, let see if we get some interaction with her sister

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