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Mortimer Dauoi was a scientist working for Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. who, under the influence of a terminal illness, convinced The Squadron Supreme that knowing their DNA codes might lead to great leaps in medical science and had Doctor Spectrum create hard-light prism constructs of his own teammates individual helixes. 
After The Squadron Supreme returned to Earth-712, Mortimer began grafting their DNA onto medical cadavers whom he would later reanimate.
But in order to do so, Dauoi needed a powerful energy source to reanimate the cadavers and found that power source in the form of Zeta-Rays that he could access from Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S.'s orbital particle collector. 
Dauoi postulated that continued exposure to Zeta-Rays, which Dauoi's peers had learned were made up of negatively charged energy thrown off of agitated atoms, would have the reverse-effect on dead brain cells that Cosmic Rays had on living brain cells.
The reverse-effect being the reanimation of the dead brain cells and in turn the reanimation of the deceased themselves. 
After months of exposure, which transformed the medical cadavers into pale-skinned clones of several Squadron Supreme members, the project proved successful in reanimating the subjects but not in the way Dauoi had imagined it would. 
Due to the refracting nature of a prism, the DNA constructs Doctor Spectrum had provided had become unstable. 
So when the medical cadavers, who now possessed the looks, memories and powers of the original Squadron Supreme, awoke, they awoke with a voracious appetite for human flesh. 
Dauoi and the group of scientists who had helped him with the experiment were the first to fall to their insatiable hunger.
It is because of Dauoi that Mankind itself now faces complete and total annihilation at the hands of his flesh-eating Zeta-Clones of The Squadron Supreme. Or so it was believed, in reality, Dauoi had become a superhuman abomination free of terminal illness and complete control over the other infected.

After Battlestar and Soapbox defeated Amphibian, Dauoi and his army of zombies found them and demanded that they surrender their bodies to him and give their souls over to the Gods they worship.
While Dauoi's zombie slaves fought Soapbox and Battlestar, Dauoi himself ranted on about the truth behind all this madness. That the terminal illness he suffered from was actually life itself and that he wanted to rid this world of it. When The Squadron Supreme clones came to Dauoi's aid while Jack of Hearts, Jill Harper and Mainframe joined with Battlestar and Soapbox. During the fight Mainframe was torn apart, revealing his true nature as a machine and thus depriving the Squadron of another meal.
Power Princess, having recognized Dauoi's status as a half-flesh entity, nearly turned on him but he managed to talk her down by revealing the extent of his transformation before running off just in time to escape Jack of Hearts ultimate attack, which obliterated all of the zombies in one fell swoop. Dauoi escaped into the forests and eventually came across a young man waiting for his girlfriend to return from a nearby store. When she returned, she found Dauoi feasting on her boyfriend's entrails, Dauoi then expressed his desire for a more complete meal, it is assumed that the woman was killed as well. Dauoi's current whereabouts are unknown.

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