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Mortar appears with the Bastards of Evil which are the offspring of certain super villains. Mortar appears along with other villains like Aftershock, Singularity, Warhead and Ember where they wreck havoc in New York and attack innocent civilians for no apparent reason. She first confronted the newly arrived Nomad, telling her that her father was Grey Gargoyle. (Later revealed not being true) She went on to fight Firestar when an explosion interrupted them. 

Powers & Abilities

Mortar's body is made of a compound mixture of sand and water like cement. She is able to control her body like Sandman and Hydro-Man which she can shapeshift her hands and limbs into various weapon constructs. She can change her density at will to become solid like granite or softer and more fluid like wet cement. She appears to have enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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