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Before becoming a sexy vixen for the ways of Khaos, Morrigun was a simple barmaid who worked at a bar called the Piston Broke, where she was under employment by a race of aliens known as the Phookas. While Hammerstein was busy looking over possibly applicants who where eager to be the new 7th ABC Warrior, the (albeit temporary) leader Deadlock went ahead behind the sergeant's back and recruited Morrigun into the warriors.

Soon after introducing her into the team, she was sent out in a reconnaissance/assassination mission, to gain a sacrificial head for the Khaotic God Hekate and to field test her abilities in combat. In her "test run", Morrigun showed intense skill with her Khaos powered Pentang, a shuriken (ninja throwing star) that is used to pinpoint and infiltrate openings and weaknesses in virtually all types of enemies and machines. She also is adept at moon flails, which she uses to swiftly take down the flesh based opponents guarding her initial primary target, a vice president for the tree harvesting company of Luna Tek. She also is well trained in Nekra-Chi, a Khaotic martial art which enables her to move with intense speed, agility and is able to do covert infiltrations that rival that of the assassin Joe Pineapples.

After poisoning and beheading the vice president (with the aid of a toxic lipstick that turns its victims into plant-like moss creatures), Morrigun continues to aid her fellow teammates in retrieving heads for the goddess Hekate. Finally, after an intense battle and near de-activation by Khaos crazed human scientists, she gets a re-paint, losing her barmaid colors of white with a pink "apron" in favor of a more ninja-esque black/blue color scheme to help aid her in infiltration. After finally gathering the heads for Hekate (and defeating Terran forces sent to dispose of the wayward robots), Morrigun is accepted by the Hekatian high priestesses, the Night Maras, and leaves to join their ranks at the Temple of the Night Maras, taking a bestial and mute Mongrol with her as a "pet" and bodyguard.

10 years later Morrigun and Mongrol are sent by the Maras to find and help rejoin the dis-banded ABC Warriors, feeling that Khaos is being threatened. It is revealed that, as with all other members, she had knowledge that Hammerstein was abducted and tortured brutally by the insidious Blackblood, but had little interest in aiding him in rescue.

Now joined together, the team then split in two to attack and disable the imperial warship the Hellbringer, with Joe, Blackblood and Deadlock on one team, and Mek-Quake, Mongrol, Morrigun and Hammerstein in the other.

Unfortunately, after a lengthy battle, Morrigun is killed, her head torn off her body. Somehow though, through means secret to everyone but her, Morrigun was able to channel her spirit into Mongrol, enabling the team to continue and eventually conquer the mission. Morrigun is then repaired and her soul transferred back into her body.

Sadly though, on a mission back to Mars, in an ettempt to rescue Martian natives from human tanks, Morrigun is crushed beyond repair, her brain destroyed. Distraught, Mongrol helps the other team members bury her in the red Martian soil, with a plaque reading:


A Princess of Mars

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