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Morphicius was created as a villain for Hawkman. He first appeared after the relaunch of 2011 and was created by Tony Daniel.

Story arc

The Xenusians were a race of malevolent aliens who spread a mysterious plague that caused the victims to mutate and transforms into new Xenusians. Also, the Xenusians were responsible for the annihilation of the entire Vexaphon race.

Morphicius spread the Xenuisan plague across the galaxy until he was captured by a mysterious High Council, who sentenced him to imprisonment to a containment vessel. Eventually, Morphicius's containment vessel fell to Earth, and he spent hundreds of years in cryogenic stasis until his vessel was found by Professor Ziegler's research team. One scientist, Terrance, was secretly working for Hogarth Kane, a military official who sought to obtain the vessel for military use, opened the tomb, awakening Morphicius and releasing the plague. In a matter of moments, the plague mutates the scientists and turns them into Xenusians.

Hawkman arrives and kills two Xenusians until Morphicius personally fights Hawkman, absorbing some of his lifeforce. Morphicius then grows his own Nth Metal armor.

As the fight continues, Morphicius gains the advantage, until Hawkman dissipates his armor and prepares to fight him on his own, saying that he has nothing to lose. Morphicius simply replies that Hawkman has indeed something to lose, just not yet, and flies away.

As he flies across Manhattan, Morphicius loses control of the Nth metal and falls to a secluded alley. There, he finds a mysterious man who identifies himself as Waker, the last Vexaphon. Although Morphicius attacks him, Waker tells him that he has been sent to save his life.

Waker takes the weakened Morphicius to the Non-Lethal Alternative Studios building, where Kane's research team begins performing experiments on him. Kane eventually decides that they could get better data from Morphicius if they perform an autopsy on him, and Morphicius falls unconscious.

Later, Morphicius awakens before Kane, who introduces himself. Kane says that he is aware about the nature of the Xenusians and states that he will find a way to control Morphicius's power and take profit from it. As Morphicius swears vengeance on Kane, Askana, Kane's assistant, performs a vivisection on him.

Hours later, the vivisection ends and Morphicius has been cut to pieces, leaving only his head. Kane orders Askana to dispose of Morphicius's head when Hawkman arrives, having discovered Kane's involvement in Morphicius's release. Hawkman had also brought Terrance with him.

While Hawkman fought Askana, Terrance, who had been infected with Morphicius's plague, reaches Morphicius's disembodied head and merges it with his own body, and Morphicius is fully reborn.

After a prolonged fight, Hawkman discovers Morphicius's weakness to cold, so he grabs tube containing liquid nitrogen and shoots Morphicius with it, freezing him for ice, hopefully for good.

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