jonesdeini's Morning Glories #12 review

Life on the Other Side

The story switches perspective to the academy's staff as a new face has unknown plans for the Glories. But is Lara Hodge friend or foe? 
The Good 
I don't mention it nearly often enough how great Rodin Esquejo's covers are absolutely superb. I would love to see him take a shot at interiors at some point.  
As soon as the issue begins Spencer hits us with one of his trademark, bittersweet reveals. The location of the school is something that's been on most our minds from day one. We get some answers to that immediately here, but as usual the answer raises more questions. Which of course will keep me reading to see if my theories are correct. Spencer, you clever devil you! 
The students reaction to the return of Miss Hodge truly shocked me. She seems like  genuinely decent human being, but then nothing in this series is what it seems on the surface. Half of me wants to believe her words towards the end of the issue, but the other half completely relates to Casey's reaction to her. Seeing how the school has affected Hisao (Jun) I can't help but wonder just how conditioned the general student populous is at the academy.  
Many writers wouldn't risk introducing a new character this deep into an already dense and populated story. However Spencer pulls this off perfectly. From the moment she appears on panel Lara had a presence that drew me in. And her interaction with both the staff and glories won me over. They way she power checks Ms. Daramount and Casey's reaction to it were comedic gold. The nature of the relationship between Lara, Georgina, and the mysterious headmaster is something that I can't wait to see further explored.  
Lara's interaction which each of the glories was great, with Zoe, Ike, and Casey being the best. Miss Hodge is the academy's "Guidance Counselor" in both a very literal and metaphysical sense. The way she handles Zoe in this issue was absolutely superb. Her non interaction with Ike really peeks my interest on the nature of the relationship between the two. Especially considering the reveal on Ike's past in the last issue. The look on her face as she walks away from Ike was that of true heartbreak and her simple declaration of "Not yet." as she walked away now has me fully invested in their relationship arc.  
Nurse Nine is great in that deliciously creepy kind of way. Can't wait to see her get more use in this book. I feel like there's really an intriguing story to tell there. And seeing some vulnerability  
Spencer ends this issue on an incredibly high note with Lara interacting with Casey during a very somber, private moment. This scene is very powerful and sets up somethings that will be very important going forward into the future of this series. And the fact that this issue marks the first year the series existence makes the entire issue rife with symbolism.   

The Bad 
Mr. Gribbs looks way too young on the cover. it also would've been nice to see him in this issue as he's been such an integral member of the staff up to this point. 
This is a slow burn book and Spencer plays it close to the chest that can be very, very frustrating for some.   
The Verdict 
Buy This Comic!!! 
The consistent level of excellence this that Spencer and co. maintain never ceases to amaze me. There's really nothing I can say about this book that hasn't been said by myself or others in the past. That being the case I'll simply say that Spencer writes a great issue that introduces a interesting new character, makes superb use of established characters, and Eisma shows his range by perfectly expressing a range of emotion in his figures. If you'r reading this review, odds are you're already reading Morning Glories, if you're not you really ought to be. Second trade's coming out soon and you'll save a good bit buying it rather than playing catch up with monthly issues. One year in and Spencer, Eisma, and Esquejo are still going stronger, and only getting better. This book is nothing short of an ever increasing joy to read. 


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