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Almost everything known about Dr. Morgan Davies comes from the man who accused him of murder, R.D. Stephenson. What can be ascertained about Davies aside from the claims of Stephenson is that he was born c. 1854, probably in Cardigan in Wales. He was trained as a surgeon in Aberdeen. By 1881 he was living in Whitechapel, and unmarried. He was working as a House Surgeon in an unknown hospital. By 1891 he had married Margaret Julian, probably in 1890, and they had set up a home in Aldgate along with two young girls, aged 15 and 8, described as his niece and step-daughter, respectively. By this point he was a Registered General Practitioner. By 1901 he and his wife had had three children, one girl and two boys, and employed one servant.    
In late December of 1888 R.D. Stephenson named Davies as Jack the Ripper, claiming that he and the doctor frequently discussed the case. He alleged that the doctor had suggested that the killer was impotent without some sort of strong sexual stimulus, such as sodomy, and that the doctor himself was a woman hater. On at least one occasion he claimed that Davies had acted out the murders, showing how the Ripper had sodomized a victim then, in a frenzy, murdered and mutilated her.  
There is no evidence that Davies was questioned at the time, or even suspected by the police. Despite what Stephenson seemed to believe, none of the victims were sodomized. Aside from idle speculation, if indeed he even was that involved in the case, there seems to be no evidence tying Davies to the case. He is widely disregarded as a suspect.

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