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DC Comics

Morgaine Le Fey is an Arthurian sorceress talented in the arts of dark magic.

In the 20th Century, Morgaine loses her youth and forces Jason Blood to turn into the demon Etrigan and bring her to Merlin's tomb because he has the secrets to her youth. Etrigan beats Morgaine Le Fey, and she doesn't get her youth.

Le Fey often goes searching for the Philosopher's Stone which will give anything that is desired to whoever has it.

Her and her Daughter Morgana are the foes of Batman, The Justice League, and more commonly, Wonder Woman. She once sought to steal Wonder Woman's eternal youth not knowing that she had already given it up, and as a result Le Fey turned into dust.

Morgaine Le Fey must steal her youth to be immortal, and after Merlin stole her youth and beauty, she hides he old, ancient body under gold armor.

Trinity (story arc)

Morgaine Le Feye allied herself with the anti matter universe Riddler (Enigma) and Despero in an effort to seize the positions of the trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) as the keystones of the multiverse. In order to do so, the dark trinity started stealing items connected to the three heroes, and they also stole the massively powerful cosmic egg (which also contained the Maltusian Krona). When they acquired everything they needed, Morgaine is able to cast her spell despite the superheroes' efforts and remakes the world completely without the trinity ever existing (the trinity are exiled to the cosmic egg) and enhances the dark trinity's power to a great extend.

However; Despero turns out to be a disguised Kanjar Ro which leaves the spell incomplete allowing some people to remember the original world and help the trinity (who have been endowed with god like powers) return from the cosmic egg. Enigma also offers the alien Xar Xalitan to be a replacement for the traitorous Kanjar Ro, he accepts thus remaking the dark trinity. And so, the trinity engage the dark trinity battle that leaves Morgaine and her allies defeated.

After her defeat Morgaine retreats to her Castle Branek, and draws out the god like trinity seeing that will give her the advantage since the castle is her seat of power. This proves to be false as the trinity easily defeated her forces. So she forces tarot (who is connected to the worldsoul) to tell her how can she obtain more power, the tarot's reply confused Morgaine which said that the power that fuels her may still be her salvation.

Later, Morgana struck a bargain with Despero and the crime syndicate promising them great power if they defeat the trinity, this attempt however failed when the they were defeated by the trinity easily due to their divine powers.

Finally Morgaine realizes that the power that fuels her is that of Krona's (which according to tarot is her salvation) so she asks for Krona's help in return she offers him enigma's daughter soul (the worldsoul whom krona seeks). The divine trinity manage to trap Krona, but Morgaine gives her power to him allowing him to break free and destroy the earth and everyone with it. However; in the end when all seemed lost, the trinity apparently having survived the destruction of earth, returned and defeated Krona, and then recreated the world. In the end Morgaine is imprisoned by Jason Blood.

Superman/Batman Sorcerers Kings

Morgaine Le Fey along with Felix Faust, Blackbriar Thorn, and Brother Blood made a bargain with dark powers to sacrifice the sun in exchange for limitless power. To ensure this plan would work they sent a powerful creature from the future to defeat batman and his team.

New 52

Morgaine Le Fay made her New 52 debut in the pages of Demon Knights, set in the Dark Ages after the fall of Camelot. The Knights have been dispatched by the rulers of Alba Sarum to find a way to bring the murdered Merlin back to life, hoping their city could become the next Camelot. In order to do so, the Knights must travel to Britan and return to the location of Arthur's Camelot, even before they reach the island they are met with monsters of incredible durability and savagery, according to the locals it had gradually gotten worse ever since Camelot fell. The Knights later encounter a skeletal King Arthur who is soon restored and leads them to Camelot, where Morgaine Le Fay has built her castle on the ruins and desecrated various items, such as the Round Table.

Morgaine is revealed to be one of the Fay, or Ladies of the Lake a race of woman-like creatures that lived on the shores of Avalon and is as such the sister of Madam Xanadu, who she knows as Nimue. Even by Fay standards Morgaine is old and due to the magics she has practiced over the course of her life, her body has decayed to a point that she prefers to hide it behind a golden mask. Though she has been planning on switching her mind to the body of Merlin, which would allow her to endure and be a new person. Her plan for Merlin is foiled, and in an attempt to transfer herself into Nimue is blocked by King Arthur who then strikes a gem that had been responsible for the monsters, what became of Morgaine and Arthur remains unknown.


Morgana in Vertigo

In Vertigo Comics, Morgaine is known as Morgana and is sister to Madame Xanadu and Vivienne. It is uncertain if this counterpart is an alternate reality version or fits into DC continuity. In Vertigo, Morgana is youthful and does not have to wear any armor.

Morgana became extremely interested with humans at the dawn of man. She thought them beneath her kind and inconsequential, but somehow became obsessed with their affairs. She began interfering and manipulating them to cause their own destruction.

After being refused by a king named Uther. She swore that he would never get his love Igraine and took on the disguise of a human in order to stop their union. But the wizard Merlin interfered to fulfill his own prophecy and the couple got together and had a son, the one king, Arthur. Because of her actions, her father banished her and she was exiled from the Elder Folk.

Morgana had a son with King Arthur named Mordred, just as in DC, who she used to make Camelot fall. She enchanted her son's armor to not be harmed by any man made weapon. But King Arthur had Excalibur, and it's mystical properties cleaved her son in two. After seeing her son killed, she became powerless and was captured by the men of Camelot.

The Dark Lady

She escaped and left the world of men, ruling over undesirable creatures such as goblins and trolls. Through magic, she still could influence men, and she also had a great desire for destruction. A thousand years passed and she finally made her return, defeating her sister and leaving to wreak havoc on New York City. Becoming the Dark Lady of a group of Satanists known as the Church of the Midnight Dawn, she began her plans to collect three relics of her past - the war-helm of Mordred, the spear head that killed King Arthur and Merlin's Philosopher's Stone - to begin a new age of warfare and destruction.

Other Media

Morgaine in DCAU

In Justice League, Morgaine Le Fay appears in the episode "A Knight of Shadows". She fights Batman, Etrigan, and the Justice League. She searches for the Philosopher's Stone to create a kingdom for Mordred. She brainwashes the Martian Manhunter to do her bidding, but is eventually defeated.

She returns in "Kid Stuff". Her son, Mordred wants the throne to the kingdom, and she seeks to help him do that. Mordred accidentaly, using a mystical object transports all the adults in the world to another dimension. Le Fey calls out the heroes of the Justice League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern to become children again and stop Mordred. When they do, Mordred is transformed into a elder and Morgains must care for him.

Morgaine Le Fey is voiced by Olivia D'Abo.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

She appears in the fifth episode "Day of the Dark Knight!". It's shown in a flashback how she defeated the Knights of the Round Table and her former teacher Merlin in order to overthrow his brother King Arthur. As her personal bodyguard she controls Etrigan The Demon.

When Merlin traveled in time to recruited Batman and Green Arrow, the sorceress sent Etrigan and other creatures to stop them. Seeing the failure of her slaves, she decided to join in batle personally. At the entrance of tower of Excalibur Le Fey mesmerized Batman and gave him Medieval armor to claim Excalibur in her name. Merlin freed Batman and Etrigan from her control. The witch angered by the lastest move done by Merlin turned into a dragon. She managed to transform to stone Merlin and Etrigan. But she is defeated by Green Arrow using Excalibur as an arrow.

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