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The timestream is a fluid flow of possibilites, yet several oases exist outside of normal space - time where events can occur untouched by chronal instabilities. One of these locations is the Victorian designed floating city of Chronopolis, where a weary time traveller might encounter the android known as Mordecai. 
Mordecai worked as a servant for the Countess Fiiorella Della Ravenna, a time travelling noble who crossed paths with Walker Gabriel - Chronos II. Mordecai's advanced brain allowed him to make the complex calculations used in the operation of Chronopolis' time travel booths and also construct the temporal displacement suit worn by Gabriel throughout most of his history hopping. 
MOrdecai appeared to have died when the villain Konstantin Vyronis erased him from existence during an assault on Chronopolis. However, Gabriel's manipulations of the timestream restored Mordecai, and he is presumably still active in the ageless city.

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