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Mordan was the third planet in the Ridgeway System. It's population of one million inhabitants were spread out over it's three continents. There was only one major city on Mordan. When the High Seer of the planet Naltor predicted that Mordan's sun would go nova, consuming the Ridgeway system, the United Planets sent the Legion of Super-Heroes in to evacuate the population of Mordan. The Legion's efforts were greatly hindered by the presence of the Fatal Five. Tharok, leader of the Fatal Five, had determined that, due to the unique elemental composition of Mordan's inhabitants, the population would be converted into pure energite upon exposure to the sun's nova heat. As energite is a very rare & extremely valuable mineral, Tharok would have been able to fulfill all his dreams of avarice with the bounty collected from the Mordanite's elemental conversion. To this end, Tharok instructed his Fatal Five to do everything in their power to thwart the Legion's evacuation efforts at every turn. Ultimately, the Legion were successful, though it is unknown where Mordan's population were relocated.

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