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This story picks up from the last issue. Morbius and Basilisk begin to fight. During the first part of the fight, both try to use their hypnotic powers but ends in a draw. The fight then takes place in a night club while a band is playing. During the fight Basilisk tries to kill a dancer but Morbius punches him out of the way. At that point Basilsik looks at himself in a mirror and sees his human side which sickens him. While smashing the mirror, this gives Morbius the advantage to throw Basilisk out of the club away from the people. the battle then takes place roof top to roof top. Meanwhile the sun is starting to rise giving Morbius little time. The turn point happens when Morbius gets Basilisk in grasp and points his head to a window giving off his reflection. The reflections some how weakens Basilisk. While burning alive, Morbius throws a dying Basilisk into a glass building, bounces off and smashes into the street. Basilisk's body melts away into the sewer. Morbius flies away from the sun light.

Back at Jacob's lab, Morbius begins to heal. Meanwhile Stroud hires Vic Slaughter an assasin to kill Morbius.

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