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In his guise as Dr. Morgan Michaels, Michael Morbius is in his lab at St. Jude's Hospital pondering the recent physiological changes he's undergone: each midnight, his fingernails, ears and incisors grow to vampiric appearance, but he no longer feels the need to feed on the blood of the living.  As he examines himself, a nurse enters, then screams in shock.  He quickly hypnotizes her to forget seeing him that way.
Later, drinking at a bar, he is joined by his Friend and confidante Dr. Jacob Weisenthal.  They discuss the possibility that the combination of Morbius' near-death and the serum Jacob formulated for Morbius' former undead lover, Martine, may have caused the changes.  Morbius and Jacob leave the bar, and after he scares off some would-be muggers, Morbius flies to his home.
Martine, meanwhile, continues her affair with Jack Russell.  And elsewhere, Morbius' romantic interest, Lena Ivana, witnesses a woman being roughly pushed into a car that drives off, but gets stuck in traffic.  She calls the police, but when they arrive, they tell her they can do nothing, as the alleged kidnapper has diplomatic immunity.
The next day at St. Jude's, Morbius, as Dr. Michaels, meets Lena and asks for a date, which she accepts.  At that moment, Martine makes her way to the Hospital.   Later, Morbius is called to the emergency room to operate on a street corner Santa who has been violently attacked.  He then has a psychotic episode focusing on the blood of his patient.  As Lena and Martine converge, Morbius finds himself sitting and moaning, covered in blood.

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