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Morbius forces his way into the Jagged Club and confronts Phelps, the owner who is also involved in kidnapping and prostitution. He fights back his blood thirst, having sworn never again to victimize anyone, and instead demands the belongings of Lena Ivana, his new romantic interest. He then binds Phelps and phones the police. They arrive and Morbius makes his way to his lab at St. Jude's Hospital.

There, his friend and confidante Dr. Jacob Weisenthal visits him and tries to persuade Morbius not to avoid his blood thirst, a decision which could cost him his life. Also, he brings the news that he may have a cure for Martine Bancroft, Morbius' undead former lover. Martine, meanwhile, has begun a sexual affair with Jack Russell (the Werewolf).

At the hospital, Lena looks for Morbius in his human guise of Morgan Michaels. Not finding him, she assumes he was unable to procure her things from the Jagged Club, and heads out to do so herself, leaving him a note saying as much. As Jacob leaves to finish the formula, Morbius finds Lena's note. He rushes to take the serum that makes him appear normal, then runs out after her, catching her as she nearly boards a bus. However, weakened by not feeding, Michaels excuses himself, then fortuitously crosses paths with Russell. Russell provides a ride to Morbius' apartment where the living vampire chains himself to the wall to prevent himself from hunting for victims. Jack becomes the Werewolf and begs him not to risk his life this way.

Eventually, Morbius breaks free of his chains and attacks the Werewolf, knocking him unconscious. He nearly feeds on his friend's blood, but stops himself and goes to the window where he sees the rising sun. His skin blisters and he passes out. Jacob arrives with his serum, and injects Morbius, but it seems the Living Vampire no longer lives.

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