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Morbius stalks the streets of New York, searching for a deserving victim to satisfy his blood thirst. He comes across a thug shaking down a grocery store owner for protection money, and feeds on his blood. He then retrieves his medical bag and, ducking into an alleyway, injects himself with the serum that alters his appearance to pass for normal.

In his guise as Dr. Morgan Michaels, Michael Morbius goes to work at St. Jude's hospital. He visits his new friend, Lena, who has just gotten a job cleaning the morgue. When she tells him she intends to go the establishment called the Jagged Club to pick up some belongings, he insists it's too dangerous for her, and promises to retrieve her things himself that evening.

Michaels makes his rounds and encounters a group of children mourning the death of their guardian Robin who had just been murdered. He tries to comfort them with little success. Leaving in the company of his friend and confidante, Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, he swears to find Robin's killer and avenge him. He goes to the morgue to get a look at Robin, then recognizes him as the thug he attacked that morning. Michaels goes into a rage, and conflicted by the fact that even some criminals have their good qualities, swears to never again drink anyone's blood.

Meanwhile, Martine Bancroft, Morbius' jilted, and currently undead, former lover, has found a new place to reside: a warehouse loft from which she can observe Morbius' apartment. She later has a drink at the neighborhood pub, where Jack Russell happens by. They talk, and Jack transforms into the Werewolf when he realizes Martine has ill intentions for Morbius. He warns her to watch her step.

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