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Spider-Man and Morbius fight but Morbius escapes in the vent shaft.In the building Vic Slaughter attacks Randolph who is dressed like an old lady and kills two CIA Agents. Vic tries to get him in his car but he is run over. Morbius then flies out on the car after Randolph with Spider-Man behind him. Spider-Man then webs himself on the car being dragged along and then grabs Morbius by the foot. The two both fall away from Randolph's get away car. Morbius then asks for Spider-Man's help and he helps he will let Spider-Man take him in to the cops. Spider-Man agrees.

As Martine lies trapped by the two CIA agents, Simon stroud prepairs to get revenge on Morbius and the two CIA Agents that got him locked up.

Meanwhile Morbius and Spider-Man get info from the cop Morbius knows that the victims of Randolph my be connected some how.

Back at the CIA Offices, they bring back Vic Slaughter and pay him a big amount of money to capture Randolph, Morbius, and Simon Stroud.

Menawhile Spider-Man and Morbius make it to the whereabouts of Randolph's net victim but they are to late. But Morbius sences that Randolph is not the killer of this man. As He investigates the area, Morbius is attacked by Simon Stroud who is the killer and then ends up holding a gun up to Morbius's face.

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