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Morbius attacks a murder but seeing that he is at a church he decides to leave the killer with the cops and leaves. HE then hears gun shots but only the victim is present. Mrbius dying of thirst wants to feed on the body but is stopped by CIA Agents. These are the same agents that put Simon Stroud in a asylum months back. They inform that a demented ex CIA assassin name Randolph is on the lose killing CIA agents and member of the Maggia. Morbius refuses to help them and flies away. The agents decide to give Morbius time.Meanwhile else where, Vic Slaughter is tormenting a prostitute trying to get info on where Randolph is. HE gets his info but kills the girl anyway leaving a message in her blood.

At St Judes Hospital, Martine stands over the bed of an injured Mandy. She threatens her to stay away from Morbius.

Morbius then contacts a cp that he knows and tells him about Randolph and hoping that the cos can make the catch before they can.

Back at Morbius's residence, Martine is confronted by the two agents who confronted Morbius. They try to convince Martine to come with them but she responds by breaking one of the agent's hands but is then tranqulized.

Elsewhere Spider-Man thinks Morbius is responsible for the murder of CIA agents. He then goes out looking for Morbius and turn him in for good.

At Lauderdale Mental Institution, Stroud breaks out attacking the doctors and stealing the keys.

Morbius is confronted by the two agents who now have Martine and Blackmail him to get Randolph and or they let everyone know his secret identity and kill Martine. Morbius decides t help for Martine's sake.

At the U.N Building, Slaughter tries to sneak in the building but is stopped by Morbius who thought he was dead. He tries to break slaughter's neck but he gets back up and shots him. But Morbius slams him the ground beating him. Spider-Man sees this thinking Slaughter is just a norma lperson and attacks Morbius. He then wraps him up in webbing.

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