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The issue opens with a crime scene. The crime is a murder. The bodies were the victims of Morbius. This takes place moments after the attack in Langford's lab.

Meanwhile as the sun rises, Morbius takes refuge at his friend Jacob's place. Morbius pases out.

Meanwhile Stroud is informed out Morbius's activity and takes the nest flight to Manhattan.

Back in New York, Morbius is in the middle of a disscusion on finding a cure but feels that there is no cure. Jacob gets Morbius a job at St. Judes as a hemotologist. He later steels money from a bank but pays back the bank in checks at the break in.

Later that night he attacks a teen aiming a gun at an old man. The gun turns out to be fake and the teen is a junkie. Morbius decides that the teen is not wicked, just sick. Morbius gives the junkie money to buy drugs in exchange for info on someone who diserves to be killed.

This leads Morbius to a violent pimp named Dick Packer. The pimp is in the middle of attacking a whore until Morbius breaks threw the window breaking the pimp's arms and begins feeding on his blood to the last drop. During that moment, Morbius shots a small spider. It triggers him at that moment that he remebered that Spider-Man's blood cured him once. He would make Spider-Man come to him.

Moments later Peter Parker has body that droped off a building land right infront of him. It is Dick's body. Attached to the body is a note. Peter looks at the note which reads-


Meet me where we last meet tommorow midnight.


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