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Suffering from the struggle between his human side and the Lilin presence within him, Morbius lies huddled in an alley, experiencing visions of Slaughter and Martine tormenting him. Jack Russell, the Werewolf, finds him and helps him to his apartment, while the resurrected Martine Bancroft watches from a rooftop above. Actually one of the Lilin herself and anxious that Morbius' human side might win out, she decides to consult Lilith on the matter.

As the Living Vampire rests within his restorative chamber, Jack consults with Morbius' friend, Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, but the doctor claims he can offer no help. Morbius' nightmares continue as he dreams of battling the Lilin half of his self, until he bursts out of his chamber. Transforming into the Werewolf, Jack prevents his friend from attacking Jacob. Morbius slahses the Werewolf, then flies out the window, and Jack follows.

Morbius attacks a couple on the street, killing the man, as the Werewolf arrives to confront him. As the Lilin within takes control of the vampire, the demon D'Spayre emerges from the shadows and stuns Jack. A fight between Morbius and D'Spayre erupts, and the demon draws out his intended victim's guilt-filled memories of his vampiric attacks. Morbius' human side regains control and through hypnosis, turns the tables on D'Spayre, filling the demon with his fears, and defeating his opponent.

The Werewolf recovers and approaches his friend, but the Lilin again takes over. Morbius strikes Jack, then flies off.

Later, Jacob wakes up in his home to the sounds of an intruder, and finds Morbius in his living room.

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