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Vic Slaughter just killed a few people at a dock. He starts getting ready to attack Morbius.

Meanwhile Morbius, Drake, and Hannible are searching for Slaughter in a band. All of a sudden Vic rips the van apart and drags Morbius away.

The two fight in mid-air and Morbius is shot by Slaughter multiple times and falls wounded on the street. Right when Slaughter tries to tak a final shot, he is hit by Drake's exorsist gun but is not out. He then tries to shot Drake, but hit innocents instead. Hannible then attacks slughter in his wolf form.

Meanwhile Morbius feeds on the blood of the wounded to regain his strength.

He then attacks Slaughter who tries to fly away but is hit by the exorcist gun again and this time falls to the ground. MOrbius hold Slaughter down so that he can be hit by the beam again. Morbius thens tears Slaughter into pieces and throws him in the kennal.

Morbius then asks Drake to fire him with the exorsist gun to get rid of his vampire disease or the demon blood in him. Morbius gets blasted but nothing works.

After Morbius, Drake, and Hannible leave, Slaughter crawls out of the burning kennal.

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