dark_noldor's Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 - Midnight Son review

Fangs in the wrong place

I really didn't know what I was expecting when I got this book, for real, I like the character, I admired him way back when he used to fight Spider-Man, the whole tragic thing, being a vampire against his wishes, villain or hero, this kind of dillema. I believe Keatinge knew how to work these concepts regarding the character, but this first issue was very weak in my opinion.Of course Morbius is a B class rate character,but making a story about him becoming a bum, in a small city named Brownsville, getting beaten by the local gang, running from them when he could have beaten them senseless? Add that the whole waste of black pages (2), the unnecessary full splash pages (2), the weird dialogues between Michael and Justin (3 pages) and some angry woman he tried to rescue (2), that's 9 pages of bad writing! The only good stuff in this issue were the flashbacks (2 pages) and the action of the first 6 pages, when also Morbius explains the truths about the myths regarding vampires, then you disconsider the bad dialogues between Morbius and the gangleader (that's 5 pages), you'll have 14 pages of crap and 8 pages of "decent" story, that's an absurd!! Rich Elson did his best, but this is faded to fail, sorry Mr. Joe Keatinge, you're doing great in Glory, but this is a fumble to me!


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    Okay, for starters, this has a freaking awesome cover. For a first issue this one REALLY grabbed me. It's really intense in an almost simplistic way as Morbius melts into the shadows. He doesn't have the more ridiculous elements in his costume, just badass claws, fangs, and glowing red eyes. It's gripping and compelling.The interior art is a mixed bag for me. Most of it has a nice gritty 'street' touch to it, which is actually a surprising look for a 'vampire' book. Right off the bat, this serie...

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