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Brief History

Sometime before  Norman Osborn came to power,  Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) captured Hulk-foe the Glob.  The Glob was put in SHIELD custody.  However, when Norman Osborn replaced SHIELD with HAMMER, Glob and all information about him were given to HAMMER (and, since he helmed that organization, Osborn himself).  Using the information, Osborn gave former Gamma Corp agent Morass powers obtained through replicating some of the DNA of Glob inside her gamma-radiated body.  Morass was sent with Aberration and Axon to go capture  Lyra, the new She-Hulk, and her sentient robot companion (the companion had HAMMER secrets and Lyrra's DNA would be used to further science under General Ryder).  The three overpowered She- Hulk in a southwestern dessert, but she managed to calm herself down enough to gain the strength to escape (Lyra's strength increased the calmer she became).  Under Axon's advice, the three split up to go find her (though Abberration wisely argued that they would lose their strength by separating).  Morass found She-Hulk, but tried increasing her strength and mass by absorbing the ground around her.  Unfortunately for her, she was standing on Alkali sand, so she quickly dried out.  Lyrra then told her that unlike Jen Walters, she was an animal and very dangerous.  Then she smashed apart Morass's body (seemingly killing her) and carved "you're next" on the remains and left it for Aberration and Axon.     

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