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Maurice Arthur "Moose" Mansfield is the Flash Thompson of May's World, but his target is not a Parker but was Jimmy Yama. Moose is the oldest of four children, he has two younger brothers, William and Albert and his little sister, Madeline. Growing up in a happy home, Moose got his nickname for his large size and willing to charge into the field in sports. His father Arthur is one of Forest Hills best firemen, but his mother sadly passed away from cancer a few years ago. Which caused Moose to developed a sad side early in his teen age life. May first met him in grade school, Moose was Brad Miller's best friend, but he had a bad habit on picking on other kids. Moose and Jimmy's feud first started in issue #1 with a prank. Jimmy's anger at loosing a chance to ask out May several times has escalated the feud. Moose has started to become attracted to Courtney since he thinks that Courtney is Spider Girl. Moose has recently be dealt a blow by breaking his leg in football. However, Moose intends to return to football and is constantly pushing himself, the way he thinks Spider-girl would. Moose recently saw Jimmy Yama with Heather Noble and is on his way to tell Brad about it. However, Moose's major problem right now is that Courtney has become fed up with Moose's beat up attitude. Telling him to give it up or she's giving up on him. This caused Moose to start taking a more thinking process to his decision, thanks to this, Moose and Courtney have become even closer. Trying to be strong following Courtney's accident. Moose reached out to his friends and now with Courtney up and about. Moose couldn't be more happy, but he has recently been avoiding Courtney for unknown reasons, which soon became clear. Moose had found a doctor's note that his father could possibly have cancer, which was later confirmed. Upset that he could loose his father the same way he lost his mother. Moose lashed out until May confronted him about it. He is currently trying to deal with his father's situation, good or bad. Things recently took another bad swing when Courtney came in-between Howard Kavanagh and Sandra Healy when she tried to protect Sandra. Howard beat both Courtney and Sandra though he beat Sandra a lot worse. Courtney was taken to the hospital with Sandra even though Courtney's injuries were not as sever. Moose completely outraged went after Howard before he finally tracked him down to the park where May Parker had just disarmed him. Moose starting hitting Howard endlessly before May talked him down. Moose has been trying to get more control over his anger as a result. However, that might now change once again since his father was badly injured during the Avengers battle with Tony Stark's bodyguard. While upset, he knows why his father did it but he's been reaching out more to May than Courtney. Moose and his brother's have recently moved in with his aunt and uncle while his father recovers and has left Midtown High. His relationship with Courtney has become strain lately due to the distance between the two. Things took a tragic turn when the a piece of the Carnage symbiote found Moose and bonded with him promising to use his abilities to heal his cancer stricken father. Only if Moose allowed Carnage to cause mass death and chaos. However, Moose's morals prevented Carnage from killing but not from kidnapping Peter and Ben Parker and turning Ben into a new host for the Carnage symbiote. In an effort to free her brother and Moose, May had her father take the Reverb armor from police lock up to use against Carnage but when Peter went after Ben he froze. May decided to use the sonic blasters and freed both Moose Mansfield and Ben but in doing so, she damaged Ben's ears making him deaf and Moose ended up hating Spider-girl due to the fact that Carnage could have cured his father from cancer. He was preparing a smear campaign against her but has since dropped the idea since he knew his father wouldn't approve it.

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