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Dick Grayson was an acrobat in a local circus, but was forced out of it because he was suffering from split personality. His other name is Marc Spector. Bruce Wayne, the leader of SHIELD, saw that his talents could be useful against terrorism. He recruited Grayson to be an agent of SHIELD, which he complied. Dick used his circus outfit and designed it with the moon as his theme. Because of Marc's fascination with the moon, he aptly named himself Moonwing. While in his Moonwing moniker, Marc's aggressive behavior is freely expressed. Dick also made peace within himself and his alter ego, and knew that he was helping people by being a superhero. When he was about to go to college, he trained an apprentice named Jason Todd to take over as Moonwing.

Moonwing at his greatest

When Moonwing was killed in a SHIELD mission, Dick took his role as Moonwing again, blaming himself for his protege's death. Meanwhile, Jason's body was exhumed by Hydra and they turned him into the cyborg " Deathlok". Later, Moonwing and Deathlok face each other, where Deathlok blamed Moonwing for what he had turned into. In the end, Moonwing defeated and destroyed Deathlok.

Powers and Abilities

Being an acrobat from the circus, Dick has trained himself to the peak of human condition. When he was recruited to SHIELD, he trained even more to be a master detective, an exceptional fighter of hand-to-hand combat, martial arts, having access to hi-tech weapons and gadgetry, and a field leader without equal.

Dick Springing into action
His strength, endurance, agility, and reflexes are based on the phases of the moon. When the moon is at its fullest, he is at his peak of power. He has normal powers at a new moon.

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