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At the birth of the Toltec civilization (circa 600a.d.) a meteorite fell to earth in the area of Tula, Hidalgo about 100 kilometers north of Mexico City. The ancient Toltecs seeing this took it to be an omen from the gods and sought out the meteorite to take to their cheiftains. It has been noted that the name Toltec translates roughly to the word "artisan" an that the Tolteca people were the inventors of medicine higher thought and art in that area of the world. This meteorite was known as the Moonstone for the ancient Toltecs thought that it was a piece f the moon that had broken off and struck the earth. The Moonstone was passed through the Toltec society and on through the generations to the Aztecs who acknowledged the Toltecs as their genetic and intellectual predecessors. It has also been noted that the villages which claimed the rights to the Moonstone were chosen by a male or female leader who seemed to earn the right to possess it, claiming theirs the "village of holding". In the villages that possessed the Moonstone they were always healthier, wealthier, and seemingly more intellectually developed than surrounding villages, with those traits lessening the further away the village was from the "village of holding". In 1521 Hernán Cortés was making his way to conquer the Aztecs the gold was there but the Moonstone Cortés initially sought had vanished from sight.

In fact the Moonstone of legend that Cortés had sought actually left the Aztec region years before some strange exchange between the Aztecs and the Incans had occurred and it took the next ten years for Spain's Conquistadors to realize what had happened. Lastly when Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incan Empire in 1533 in hopes of claiming this legendary artifact for Spain (or perhaps themselves.) it was gone again without a trace. No one had laid eyes upon it for nearly 300 years until it surfaced in Mexico near San Antonio d é Bexar at the end of the 1820's. The Moonstone eventually just thought to be another piece of meteorite legend wound up in Alfred P. Sloan museum in Flint, Michigan in 1957.

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