The wrong Ms. Marvel won the 'war'

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Okay, I just finished reading the 'war of the Marvel's' storyline, where Moonstone (as the acting Ms. Marvel) tries to keep the identity/costume/etc when Carol Danvers comes back from the dead.  And I have to say--Wow, what a disappointing story that was.  
Or maybe it's more frustrating than disappointing. 
No, actually it's both. 
Because, for one, Danvers comes off as an unsufferably sanctimonious bitch.  Everything I hate in a one-note-song, one-dimensional character, "I'm a hero and I act heroic and I'm better because I'm better and don't you wish you were perfect like me nyah" character.... arrrrgggghhhh!!! 
And secondly, just because Danvers is 'good', she gets to dominate every single battle in the series.  Even when Moonstone is sort of kicking her ass, you STILL had the overwhelming sense that nothing she was doing really mattered... because obviously it didn't.  Even after getting beaten into a bloody, semiconcious pulp, Danvers LITERALLY just snaps her eyes open, and grins, and comes right back at her like it was nothing. 
This is the most blatant example of 'She's going to win because (and ONLY because) it's her book, so let's not even try and write it with any real depth or tension, because we all know how it's going to end'. 
Woof.  Deep breath. 
Anyways, yes, I know Moonstone is the bad guy in that situation, yes, I know that.  And yet I can't help sympathizing with her.  She did get a little over the top crazy while fighting Danvers--which again is poor writing, considering how she was, just a short while earlier, shown to be really getting into the hero thing, and feeling like she was making a difference as Ms. Marvel.  The more she fought Danvers, though, the more upset and frustrated she became, and the more and more psycho her actions became. 

I can see that, more or less, given how no matter WHAT she did, that other blonde just kept coming back at her.


And of course at the end, we have to have the ridiculous moment when Danvers not only defeats Karla, but absolutely destroys her by reaching into her body and yanking out the Moonstone.


Yeah, sure.  Must be nice to be a freaking GOD so long as you're within the pages of your own comic.  And one must never miss the chance to do some high-and-mighty preaching to the poor little bad girl, about how she needs to turn her life around (on pain of death, since Moonstone will die within days if she doesn't do as Danvers says, to reclaim the stone).


I'm sure lots of Ms. Marvel fans will disagree with pretty much all of this; fair enough.

It's just my opinion, obviously.  And I'm sad that the far more interesting, far more real/three-dimensional character had to lose, especially in such a stupid, humiliating way.

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Prepare to be gouged at by Danvers's fanboys. Personally, Karla is way hotter.

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  Don't read a lot of Ms. Marvel, but I give your observation a 10 out of 10.  If I look at it in the way you've put it, I see what you mean.

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LOL yeah, I knew I'd be stepping in it with those guys. 
And I absolutely agree--Karla is teh hotness.
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I like Carol and I think it was right that she became Ms Marvel. But I also like Karla, and I kinda wished she wasn't thrown in with the T-Bolts program, as the group shes with is mostly nut bags.

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Totally agree with what you said, these are the things that make you dislike writers!

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Karlas a nutbag herself. a hot freaky kinky nutbag to be sure but a nutbag nonetheless


i sympathize. im not saying i wanted Karla to win but they could have given you a better fight.

Karla just dosent deserve to be Ms.Marvel

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There is only one Ms. Marvel and that's Carol Danvers. Now after saying that Karla Soften was definitely an interesting idea to take on the mantle during Dark Reign, although I think the problem with that is that the writer of the Ms. Marvel title at the time didn't want to write Karla Soften so you got a lack luster product and its obvious neither he nor Bendis were talking because they both wrote the characters totally different which was even more frustrating. I kinda hope to see Karla become a true hero, but even though I guess alittle bit of the bad girl as a hero would be nice too, it works for Catwoman.

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Come on, "good" characters can't lose in comics.

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You are one angry person. I approve :)

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Karla = Carol Knock off

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Sorry dreamsmith, but I'm going to have to post a strong rebuttal here. You didn't like the writing, fair enough. I'll agree that the writer didn't write Carol as well as he could have in that story arc. But Carol Danvers is the one and only Ms. Marvel, period. Carla is a sociopath who was handed the role and didn't deserve the title for one second. And as for thinking Carla is the more interesting, more real, three dimensional character, I'm guessing you haven't followed Carol's career since her beginning like I have. She's one of the most complex and interesting women characters in comics. If she were really as one-note and one-dimensional as you claim, she would never have attained the popularity that she has. Don't judge a long-enduring character by one writer's temporary stint. 
One other thing: Carol IS extremely powerful, enough to be able to rip the Moonstone out of Karla. If anything, writers tend to constantly write her with less power than she really has. Her feat was only ridiculous if you're reading her book because you wanted to see her lose.

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At the time I would have agreed with you, and seen this as a chance for Marvel to give Moonstone a healthy push, and develop her into a star character, potentially with her own mini or ongoing, but atlas I feel Marvel not only have dropped the ball with her, but Carol as well. Oh and I am a Ms Marvel fan, and I agree with most of your points (well I am a fan of both, thats probably why lol)

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I Agree with you. 

Ms. Marvel fascinate me and disappoint me every time. 
She's hot and all, but she's lacking character. I never finded something really funny about her, or really intruiging, there's no mystery, no real background. She had an alcolic problem, but... well, that part doesn't stick with me. 
Moonstone is waaaay more intersting, less goody-goody, but she's written like a bitch whore without brain, I prefer very much the early version of her, back in the early Thunderbolt. 
And yeah, Fight of the Marvel was disappointing. Very disappointting, I yawned all the time when I readed it. There could be major character developpement for both character, but I feeled none. 
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@dreamsmith: I think Moonstone should have given up the name of Ms. Marvel WILLINGLY! Because she finally realized that she didn't earn it and until she does she shouldn't have it. After all, she can always change her mind later and have a rematch... Can't she?...

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It was a lackluster story. Sorry Carol, I like you but Karla should have won. If the writer hadn't forgotten the fact that she can go intangbile she likely would have too. When you forget such a crucial element of the powerset of the character you're writing, you fail as a comicbook writer.

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@Maya Lopez said:

Karla = Carol Knock off
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@SC said:

At the time I would have agreed with you, and seen this as a chance for Marvel to give Moonstone a healthy push, and develop her into a star character, potentially with her own mini or ongoing, but atlas I feel Marvel not only have dropped the ball with her, but Carol as well.

I just read the issue and I have to agree. They had a perfect chance to develop Moonstone's character and missed it.

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