Moonstone/Kree Tree of Life

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Is anyone able to completely explain this? I've read bits and pieces in Thunderbolts, but Moonstone references that the Supreme Intelligence has already explain this to her
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What about it has you confused?

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Well, i get that it is a tree of stones, 8 in total which were given to these genetically advanced representatives of the universe, but really, i'd like to know more. Where they come from, what they're about etc. When Moonstone said the Supremor explained this to her I assumed it'd be referenced somewhere. Some sort of conjoined history
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@BKole: The Supreme intelligence may be smart, but not always trustworthy, he sometimes seems more interested in telling people what they might WANT to hear, more often than what they might NEED to hear.
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Just curious, I know Moonstone has been around for awhile, but when did he explain this to her. Because to my understanding at the end of Annihilation Ronan killed the Supreme Intelligence with the Universal Weapon because it was in a vegetative state and couldn't be revived.

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It is referenced in the old series. I haven't read the issue in some time, so if I am wrong just correct me. Moonstone is having an identity crisis, dreaming about an alien woman who has an uncanny resemblance to her. The Supreme Intelligence comes to her in a vision and explains this woman, and the past of the Moonstone she now possesses. It actually happened, and if I can remember the issue number I will post it. The scene is good and gives Karla some needed attention, but isn't anything one really needs to read, to be honest.

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