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Moonstomp is another 'victim' of the Skrull-turned-cow-turned-hamburger transformation. He hates Skrulls so much that he's willing to work with Ryder (a black man) even though he feels like he's compromising his values in doing so. He has some shapeshifting powers, but prefers to bash his foes with a normal claw hammer. During the series, his degenerative condition worsens, causing him to develop patches of dark skin, which displeases him immensely.

Due to the degenerative properties of the Skrull-infected Krew, Moonstomp, Catwalk, and Dice's bodies all rotted away. Riot and Ryder preserved their heads in cryo-stasis, knowing they could only bring them out for one last mission. Ryder brought Moonstomp back with a mixture of a secretive fluid and a his own blood. Moonstomp was excited to be back in the land of the living, but less so when he found out that the mixture had made him appear to be completely African American.

Moonstomp seems to be on a non-stop Skrull-killing spree, whereas the others are slowly changing heart, leaving native-born Skrulls alive... even killing humans in leu of the native-Skrulls in front of Norman Osborn. This leads to Moonstomp being 'stomped' by his own Krew members and abandoned.

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