Moonstar in Age of Apocalypse

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I know that in the original Age of Apocalypse Moonstar was astonishingly weak and killed in one second by Damask but I was re-reading the 2005 AOA update and noticed that in the second issue when the X-Men are fighting the Morlocks there is a stereotypically Native American looking girl who seems to have the same powers (she uses them on Magneto to reveal Apocalypse/the Phoenix as what he "fears above all else"). I was wondering if anyone knows who that girl is? Is it supposed to be Moonstar?

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I haven't read the second AoA, so I didn't know there was someone like Dani in it.   
But I wouldn't have said she was weak in the first one.  After all, it takes years of training & killing to become one of Apolcaypse's top assassins ;)

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i havent read the second aoa either but i would have liked to have seen more of dani in the first one 
it was interesting how messed up her character was
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she was in the book X-Calibre in the first series

a sum up is in her bio, i cant copy and paste text for some reason. sorry.
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Yes, that is Dana Moonstar; not Danielle Moonstar.  
New characters, without known counterpart

ArclightArtemis (might be Fatale)Chang, Tommy
CleggDead-EyeDeath I
DuPris, SamanthaHolocaustLehnsherr, Charles
MangleMoonstar, DanaNewt
QuietusSlocumSugar Man
SwitchbackWendy (might be Stinger)Wolverine (not Logan)
VulturaX-23 (Kirika Yashida)X-Man
The bold name appears in that list at the  
I know who you are talking about. Make sure you know that there are two different Moonstars in A.O.A.
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looked up ur question, apparently dana is her sister but she doesnt exist in 616

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