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In 1992 a museum's night custodian named Aidan McCallister was outside near the museum dumpster during a burglary of the museum. One of the perpetrators tripped over him and dropped the Moonstone on the ground. The Moonstone was recovered by Aidan where it had embedded itself into his chest and turned him into MoonShadow. MoonShadow gets his powers from the legendary artifact known as the Moonstone. The stone is relatively nondescript and virtually unidentifiable as anything but a large smooth rounded lightweight rock. The stone bestows upon it's possessor the essence of Tezcatlipocah the Toltec god of the moon and the night sky.

Powers and Abilities

While he is MoonShadow, Aidan can assume Shadow form making him essentially invulnerable. He can fly, become invisible, and fire beams of kinetic flame from his eyes, hands, and the Moonstone embedded in his chest. These beams of energy cause concussive force damage and burning damage though they feel freeing cold to the touch. MoonShadow is super strong and very agile, and alo has the ability to see through shadowy areas as though he were using x-ray vision. Beyond just seeing through those shadowy areas, in Shadow form MoonShadow can also walk through those shadows as if he could pass through the wall like a ghost. Upon entering the shadow MoonShadow enters something called the plane of shadow where he is able to use it to travel at the speed of thought and come out from a different area of shadow than the one he entered. Using this Shadow-Walking ability allows MoonShadow to even enter his own shadow thus rendering him impervious to attacks from the mortal realm.

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