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The recap page once again has a scene from a parody of Waiting for Godot; the narration begins with a quote from Keats.

In order to save Ira, Moon needs a ship with interplanetary capabilities, so he flies to the biggest city on the planet of Pillbox, and against all odds manages to buy back his own ship, the Decrepit, which he had lost long ago.

As he and Frodo fly off across the universe in search of Ira, Moon contemplates the two books which have most influenced him, the Gospel of Shree Quack-Quack H'onnka (which says that everything is meaningful) and We Are All Ants in a Meaningless Cosmos (which not surprisingly says the opposite).

When Moon finally finds Ira, he is giving pro-war speeches and falsifying their war record. Moon is stunned because he knows Ira is very anti-war. However he finds out that Ira is being mind-controlled by Mobidiah and Flobidiah Unkshuss.

Flobidiah, however, secretly pities and loves Ira, and sets up a situation so that Moon can rescue Ira, who has been so tortured that he can barely move. Over time, in part by playing his flute, Moon is able to bring him back to consciousness.

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