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Moonshadow continues to narrate his life as a youth, this time beginning with a quote fromThe Wizard of Oz.

He begins by describing more of his mother's difficult youth, mentally haunted by the tragedy of her insane aunt Ettie's life and death.

In the "present" of the tale (which is all really a flashback), Moon, Sunflower, Frodo, and Ira fly into a fleet of ships escaping a sector of space that has been infected by the Pewkadook Plague.

Ira, a coward at heart, wants to get out immediately, but Moon's Romanticism, bolstered by his mother's kindness, lead them onward to see if there is anyone they can help.

They enter a planetoid that is sending a distress signal, and find a sick alien giving birth. Sunflower, full of feeling the love she felt for Moonshadow on his birth exactly 15 years before, insists on helping the poor mother-to-be. Unfortunately the child is a monster, and chomps into Sunflower's guts upon exiting the womb.

They all run off, and attempt to help Sunflower upon returning to their ship. Sunflower gives Moon her flute, which she received from her Aunt Ettie, and which becomes a powerful symbol of hope and spirit in the future. Now, however, Sunflower dies, as Moon's G'L-Doses father pops into the room and watches with a sickening grin.

Moon takes her body to the mall world of Gimmegimme for a funeral. The funeral house, unfortunately, is run by the malignant Jobidiah Unkshuss, and after some further machinations by Ira, who wants to be off on his own, the funeral turns into a chaotic mess. Moon is captured by men from Jobidiah's insane asylum.

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