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The recap page is a piece of theater criticism savaging "The Ballad of Moonshadow," a musical comedy about Moon's life. The narration begins with a quote from Henry Miller, discussing how his own audience either thought that the sexual element of his work was either its best or worst characteristic, an appropriate thought for this issue's content.

Moon describes how his mother first became aware of sex as a child when a slightly older girl showed her a stag film, to Sunflower's father's dismay. To no avail, for she went on to a profligate sexual lifestyle as a hippie in the '60s, although she never found any partners with whom she was satisfied.

Moon and the still-infirm Ira travel on, and are intercepted by a horde of G'L-Doses. Despite the unmistakeable uniqueness of this event, and it's significance as a harbinger of some sort, they don't say why they are there, and disappear once again.

They go back to Pillbox, where they find that an explosion has destroyed Gaylord's home and presumably killed him. Luckily Bettina survived, but Moon is so distraught that he leaves her. Ira now takes over the piloting of the ship, and brings them to the Interplanetary House of Tarts--a brothel. He books Moon for a night, and he is indeed deflowered. Ira, however, seeks to drown his despair over his recent events in a full-blown sexual paroxysm, and doesn't come out of his own room for more than a week.

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