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An old man narrates his story, introducing us to the bizarre alien race known as the G’l Doses, their god like ability given to whim and prank, one moment bestowing peace upon a war torn planet, the next cursing a utopia with plague. Another one of their seemingly illogical plans is to kidnap a single individual from each planet they discover, teleporting them to an intergalactic zoo. One of these exotic creatures is a single earthling, one known as Sunflower, a young woman whose mercurial and moody youth had thrown her into the whims and wanderings of isms from Buddhist to Marx, ever searching but never quite finding, drifting the turbulence and psychedelic manifesto of the summer of love. Sunflower is thrown across the galaxy into alien incarceration, and after a time she grows comfortable in the abyss. The next moment she finds herself married to one of the G’l Dosis, and the next on her honeymoon and achieving her first and most memorable orgasm. And the next moment she is pregnant, and as such is the velocity of sands and time Moonshadow is born, a baby boy whose blue eyes that reflects her own and whose joy and soul gives salvation to Sunflower. And the sands of times dart fast as Moonshadow strays into adolescence, his lonely upbringing forcing him to seek companionship from the zoo’s other inmates, he is instead shunned for being half human ( the filth of the galaxy) and G’l Doses (those smirking jailors). The only creature that allows Moonshadow close is the bowler hat adorned hairball cynic known as Ira, one whose degenerate inclinations allow the bribery of a pile of hardcore earth pornography to tolerate the boys company. Moonshadows true salvation however is the massive library for which he spends hours, dreaming away in to the land of fiction. Escaping the mundane and finding sanctuary in the extraordinary and romantic, allowing Moonshadow to stumble long into daydreams of the fantastical (mostly involving voluptuous and gorgeous beauties). Then one day Moonshadow’s father arrives to bestow upon him a revelation supreme, that he is set free.... And so along with Sunflower, Ira and his faithful cat Frodo; Moonshadow is placed upon a space vessel to journey the galaxy and the wonders and perils it spits...    

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