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 Arrows full of tricks

A fairly brief outing as a superhero, the one-shot heroine calling herself Moonbow made her debut as a arrow shooting bowslinger. Her real name is Brittany Brandon, a classmate and onetime romantic interest of Ron Raymond, who would form half the Firestorm gestalt entity. She dreaded being a young woman facing the boring and routine life as the future head of her family's corporation.

Craving the adrenalin driven excitement of adventure, Bree fashioned a costume, cut and dyed her hair platinum, and took up her bow and arrows. Deciding to play vigilante in the guise of the vigilante Moonbow she planed to secretly raid two of Pittsburgh's crime families at nightfall.

Moonbow attempted to play a modern day Robin Hood by sneaking in and stealing from one of the Dons private estate's but quickly got into trouble. Having herself discovered by the Dons bodyguards and getting shot in the arm Moonbow was captured. Shackling her and hoisting her over the Dons pool they made her the star attraction at a pool party. Brittany soon found herself in over her head, fortunately Firestorm arrived just in time to rescue her from the possible death trap. As her face paint washed off Firestorm recognized her as his classmate Bree and let her go with a warning, figuring she wouldn't be causing trouble at least until her arm healed. Brittany did a bit better than that and retired her brief costumed identity having had more than enough excitement for a very long time.

For whatever reason Moonbow would later make a brief return as part of Circe's all villianess army battling Wonder Woman and her forces of heroines.


Moonbow is an college level athlete, with skills in gymnastics and archery. She has fair hand-to-hand skills and is an above average marksman with her bow. Moonbow carries a compact steel alloy compression bow and a quiver of trick and hunting arrows and varies her use on the situation.

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