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Published from December 1947-January 1948 - October-November 1948 with 6 total issues numbered 1 - 6.

Published by: St. John, #7-8.

"Moon" was short for "Moonshine", which in the Prohibition Era meant Mr. Mullins was a drinking man. His actual first name was never given, unless Moonshine was it. He was a would-be prizefighter, not what you'd call high-tone, but with an appetite for high living. Moon got himself a room in Emmy Schmaltz's boarding house in 1924 and stayed there for the rest of his days.

Others who resided in or hung around Emmy's establishment formed Moon's supporting cast. Aside from withered old Emmy herself, long-running regulars included Mamie (the cook), Mamie's incredibly lazy husband Willie, Moon's kid brother Kayo, and Lord Plushbottom, whom Willard introduced because Patterson thought tossing a well-bred Englishman into that shabby crowd had great possibilities. Emmy married Plushie (as Moon dubbed him) on October 6, 1933, and became Lady Plushbottom.

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