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Moon Knight Volume 2

After the long lasting Marc Spector: Moon Knight series, the Moon Knight gets a new ongoing series. He was a mercenary. A killer. And then he was a hero. Marc Spector used to jump from rooftops, spread his cape against the night, and drop to the streets below, dealing vengeance in the name of his lord Khonshu - God of Vengeance, God of the Moon. But that was years ago, before he lost himself. In an alley in the rain, he crossed a line he barely knew was there by killing an evil man. Crippled and twisted, Moon Knight ruled the night no more, but now he rises again. Still recovering from injuries suffered in that final battle, Spector has donned the cloak and cowl and thrown himself back into his master's work. Alienated from his closest friends, an outcast in the community of heroes, haunted by visions that may be a god or mad ghosts of his past, Marc Spector is Moon Knight once more, and he wants the world to know he's here.


This series is collected in five trade paperbacks:

Other volumes:

  1. Moon Knight (1980)
  2. Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu (1985) mini-series
  3. Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989)
  4. Moon Knight: The Resurrection War (1998) mini-series
  5. Moon Knight: High Strangeness (1999) mini-series
  6. Moon Knight (2006)
  7. Vengeance of the Moon Knight (2009)
  8. Shadowland: Moon Knight (2010) mini-series
  9. Moon Knight (2011)

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