Scarlet Redemption

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Well, lately I have been working on reading the Marc Spector: Moon Knight series straight through. I've collected almost the entire series (I'm only missing like issues 53-58 out of the 60). Anyways, I just finished reading the Scarlet Redemption story arc (issues 25-31) by J.M. DeMatteis. The writing and tone felt markedly different than the first 23 issues that Chuck Dixon had wrote, which I really liked. So, at first I was a little disgruntled (just a little though), but then as I read it I was like, "Hmm, this actually feels a lot like Moench's original MK series." Another thing that made it feel more like Moench's work than what Dixon wrote (not to knock on Dixon's run, which I really enjoyed as I already said) was that DeMatteis brought back the supporting characters Gena and Bertrand Crawley, and he also revived an old "rogue" of MK, the Stained Glass Scarlet.

So, my mini "review" of the arc... Most of the communication in the story is through inner monologue, whether that of Scarlet or MK, rather than the normal dialogue among characters found in Dixon's run (and most other comics for that matter). At first, it was a bit annoying that there was rarely any talking going on among characters, but eventually the style grew on me. The artwork was fantastic. The layout of the panels during the issue where Moon Knight is drowning in the water was especially spectacular. Speaking of that issue, I was absolutely ecstatic when I got to see certain characters from MK's past such as his father and brother. It was a nice little recap of his dark past. As I said before, it was nice to see Stained Glass Scarlet make her return. Although she seemed a bit different than what I remember from the Moench series; but, I guess she was supposed to have changed, being driven over the edge and all that jazz. Overall, I was really looking forward to reading this story arc, and DeMatteis did not disappoint me. So, thank you to him and his fellow creative team.

Also, I'd love to hear reviews/opinions/thoughts from anyone else who read the story arc.

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This is one of my absolute favourite Moon Knight arcs. I love the tone and religious themes, and I just love Stained Glass Scarlet. She's possibly my favourite of MK's limited rogues gallery. Why? Because she's strong, sexy, obsessive, and intimidating, but at the same time quite fragile and damaged. She's probably the most multi-faceted character after Marc himself, which is why I love seeing their interactions here. Anyway, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who appreciates this little gem of a story :)

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@Danial79: Very well put. Thanks. And it is likewise nice to know that other people have read and love it as much as me.

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Dito. Top 5 MK story of his entire three decade career. BTW, Issues 55-60 can get expensive cause of the rare Platt art. Had to complete the collection tho, worth it.

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@ClutchWarfare: Yea, it looks like they'll be pretty tough to find for a good price, but hopefully I'll get em someday.

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@JSH92: Is Scarlet Redemption collected anywhere, or do you have to get the individual issues?

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@foolkiller1 said:

@JSH92: Is Scarlet Redemption collected anywhere, or do you have to get the individual issues?

Sadly, I don't think any pre-2006 Moon Knight has been collected... unless you count the Essentials :/

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@Danial79: Damn, I guess I'll have to look on amazon for the individual issues.

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@foolkiller1: I found most of mine in my LCS $1 bin and filled in the gaps on eBay. I now have 1-50, but the last 10 issues are a little more expensive, so I keep putting off buying them.

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@Danial79: My LCS doesn't have a $1 bin. Although I have found a a few issues of MS moon knight at this antique store a few towns over from where I live.

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@foolkiller1: It's a shame Comixology doesn't have all the old issues.

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@foolkiller1: I got a lot of mine from Midtown Comics ( They have every issue of the series except for issues 55-58, which are the only four issues I'm missing, and all the issues are around $1.50 depending on the quality of the issue.

@Danial79: Actually, Moon Knight's stories in the Hulk Magazine prior to his first ongoing series are collected in Moon Knight: Countdown to Dark, which is on Amazon for $10. But besides that and the Essentials, I don't believe there are any other collected editions of his stuff pre-2006.

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I must be in the minority because I just read the Scarlet Redemption arc tonight actually, and I had to keep waking myself up. I am also collecting the whole series and have issues 1-54 and loved everything before the SR arc. Hopefully I can collect the rest of the series soon to complete it.

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@G Bird: I recently finished reading the whole series and I didn't like anything after Scarlet Redemption (Terry Kavanagh's run).

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@G Bird: I'll admit it isn't my favorite Moon Knight story, and at some points it did seem to be repetitive/dragging. But I still enjoyed it.

@Danial79: Really? That's too bad. I'm just about to read the Blood Brothers story arc (issues #35-38), so I got a ways to go until I finish this series.

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@JSH92 said:

@Danial79: Really? That's too bad. I'm just about to read the Blood Brothers story arc (issues #35-38), so I got a ways to go until I finish this series.

Yeah, I feel Terry Kavanagh ruined this series. No spoilers, but he brought in character histories and concepts that were just ridiculous (in my opinion).

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Simply put, this story is most definitely one of my favorite arcs of all time. I may be a little biased but that takes nothing away from how well-written this story was. All the dark, foreboding aspects of this story really epitomizes the religious facets of Marc and Scarlets character, not to mention it blends past events well with events DeMatteis tries to convey; and the ending couldn't have been more perfect. I don't mean to put this story on a uber high pedestal, but I REALLY enjoyed it.

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