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I've always wondered where on Earth Bendis got the idea of having these Avengers voices in Marc's head, when every Moon Knight book I have ever read has just had Khonshu. His own explanation was that Marc had done the same with Grant and Lockley, but once again, I had never seen them portrayed as anything other than cover guises...

... and then I read West Coast Avengers.

In this series, Moon Knight appears in 20 of its 46 issues, and within its pages, he has the voices of Grant and Lockely telling him what to do, just like the Avengers now do.

So based on this new evidence, it's fair to conclude that Bendis read West Coast Avengers back in the 80's... and hasn't read any Moon Knight since :P

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
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Great detective work there! It doesn't surprise me that Bendis didn't look at Moon Knight's other books and it is such a shame too. He could've went in so many directions, but of course he didn't and chose West Coast Avengers Moon Knight since that was the closest instance of Marc having multiple personalities disorder. Sigh, poor Moon Knight.

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I've heard about this as well.

Either way, stupid idea.

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I like the new moon knight

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@xlizen: @InnerVenom123: It also has Wonder Man in a TV show, so there's that idea covered too.

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now it all makes sense...not that it was ever a good idea to start with BUT STILL, THE IDEA MAKES SENSE NOW!

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@Danial79: Overall, How is moon knight in the west coast Avengers?

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@GiantsizeManThing: He's a pretty small player actually. I've only been skimming it, but he seems to only appear in a few pages per issue. Even for an MK fan, it's not really worth your time.

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@Danial79: Thanks man, you just saved me some money.

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I think it works just fine.

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*sigh* what a horrible idea, not once has this idea that Bendis has to make every character insane ever gone down well

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@Danial79 said:

@xlizen: @InnerVenom123: It also has Wonder Man in a TV show, so there's that idea covered too.

Bendis ticks me off so much! Why can't bring his crap ideas to tv shows or something and stay away from our comic characters! Sorry Bendis Rant. Or better yet, why can't he have original ideas and not take them from issues where Moon Knight was not really in them. Wasn't Marc possessed by Khonshu when he was a West Coast Avenger?

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@xlizen: Yeah, he is.

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