How to get Marc Spector Moon Knight collections?

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I know I posted about the possibility of Marc Spector Moon Knight collections. (6, ten issue books)But now, I really want to get the attention of marvel and make this a reality. I think that it would be great for both fans and marvel if this was made. Does anyone know who I can get in contact with to make this happen, or where i can post this message and a marvel worker would see this?

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I always wondered why they never put out trades, somebody at Marvel surely loves Moon Knight or he wouldn't keep getting mini series after mini series, even when they do bad he just keeps coming back, they've been putting damn near everything out in trade to make extra money can't believe they haven't done this yet. 
Are you interested in the single issues? I used to see bundles of the entire series up on ebay for dirt cheap like $0.50 an issue, pretty cheap for an entire run especially the later issues that had the low print runs.

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@pikahyper: i guess what i want to see is a collection, like trade paperbacks or hardcovers. I want to see this entire series collected into 6 or more paperbacks or hardcovers. i think that is basically what i am looking for
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I get ya, I'm just surprised they haven't put out a single regular trade just to test the waters, doesn't make much sense not too, even Power Pack Classic has done pretty well.

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@pikahyper: i think if there was some way toget in contact with them, i could make this happen. like  said, if power pack did good, cant wait tosee how good ms mk would do
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@Superguy0009e: well best bet is to create an online petition and get as many people as possible to sign it and then use a url shortening service like or and write down the short url and go to a comic convention and give it to one of the higher ups at Marvel and try and convince them to go to the url to see the petition or confront one of the higher ups at a Marvel panel with a Q&A section and ask them why there have been no Marc Spector trades and then tell them about your online petition and ask to give them the url on the piece of paper.
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@Superguy0009e: The guys who make the collections are on Twitter, but I doubt they'd take suggestions. I've asked them about something (maybe even this) in the past and they just replied, "There's no plans for that in the near future." I was hoping they'd collect them coming up to Bendis' run, but no luck. Essential Moon Knight Vol 3 contained Marc Spector: Moon Knight #1-2, but that was it. Perhaps if they'll one day do Vol 4.

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