Awesome Moon Knight Mini-Bust

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Normally I wouldn't post about comic merch, but I got one today (for Valentine's Day) that I thought you guys might appreciate. As I'm sure you've found, Moon Knight merch is pretty hard to come by, but we found this 7" mini-bust at a local gaming store...

Pretty sweet, right? The only other MK mercy I have is a Super Hero Squad figurine as well as a pewter one my friend ordered from France or something. Anyway, if any of you are looking for your own, the company that makes it is called Gentle Giant, and they have plenty of other great sculpts for perusal.

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Oh, I forgot to mention it's a Limited Edition too, with only 600 having been made :)

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@danial79: You got a Moon Knight bust for Valentines Day?? You sir, lead a charmed life. The only thing I ever get on Valentines day (if anything) is a lot poorer. :D

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Sweet it is. Happy for you) It really is a rare bust.

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