A little Moon Knight trivia for you guys!

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Alright, I got a little Moon Knight trivia for all you Moon Knight fans out here. Back in the silver age, Moon Knight used a boomerang, throwing irons and darts. So can you tell me who crafted these for him? Don't cheat by searching the internet either, just either make your best guess or if you know it, say it.

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i bet its someone random who had nothing to do with the series.... like... Blade or something.  but i honestly dont know.  just assumed he made them 

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Nope, it wasn't Blade but that's a good guess, I could see Blade crafting weapons for him.

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Ummm... Tony Stark?

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Hawkeye, Clint Barton

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Jean-Paul? I have no idea.

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A time traveling hawkeye

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@Crackdown said:
" Hawkeye, Clint Barton "
@warcorpse said:
" A time traveling hawkeye "
Yup, it was in 2940 BC when Hawkeye and The West Coast Avengers were sent back in time. He asked the men in Khonshu's temple if they had anything he could carve weapons out of for people to defend themselves with and they gave him ivory. He made the boomerang, throwing irons, and darts.... and those ended up being what Moon Knight used! I thought it was so aweomse when I read it in West Coast Avengers #23!
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@G Bird: That is pretty cool :)
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ha... west coast

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