matkrenz's Moon Knight #6 review

See ya Night Shift. I will miss you.

Review for Moon Knight #6. 
The Story: Marc gets home, talks with Echo and then the Avengers come and talk with him. 
The Good: Im finally starting to turn around on Bendis writing, he seems to have a good grasp on each of the characters and writes amusing banter with all of them. Also I really like Echo and her budding relationship with Marc, she seems smart enough to know to stay away far enough from him since he doesn't have all his marbles. The way Bendis portrays Marc insanity with him being self aware about it spinning it in a different way than Charlie Huston's run. Also L..A's kingpin shows he's a very competant person by taking out all of Night Shift. I realize I enjoy Maleev's art when it's simply people standing around talking. 
The Bad: Bendis seems to think everybody knows who the kingpin is but I don't who it is. I understand Bendis and Maleev like to do slowburning series but it's just not my thing. 
The Verdict: This issue continues story very wellwith great banter between characters and takes Marc sanity in an interesting direction but the slow paced nature just isn't for me. This is a buy.


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