adamwarlock's Moon Knight #5 review

Great character study at the expense of story

I applaud Bendis' work with the character of Moon Knight.  His new take on the character and his schizophrenia remains a highly intriguing twist that keeps me very interested in this title, even though it continues to progress its storyline at a glacial pace.  The character work is strong and the art is STUNNING... but the story is weak.  I'd keep reading this title indefinitely even if it never progressed beyond this level for Bendis' strong work with the character's internal monologues and Maleev's best-of-his-notable-career art... but at the same time the books till needs some work if it is to ever progress its quality level beyond "intriguing and pretty".
But as far as defining the key character of the book, this is Bendis' strongest issue yet.  The hectic pace of the conversation taking place between "Spider-Man", "Captain America" and "Wolverine" inside Moon Knight's head is some very cleverly set up material that certainly does something to put this book high up on a pedestal of artistic integrity for Marvel.  Unfortunately, this story needs more focus on substance over style.  Or at least in-step with style.


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