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I'm not much a reviewer, but my god, this series is incredible. The visuals are stunning, the psychedelic pallet of the dreamstate Moon Knight has to visit in this issue is inspiring. The art in general is top notch, complementing the gritty style of the comic without having to rely on a dull, muddy colour range.

This is a Moon Knight characterised as fulfilling his holy role as warden of night travellers, and it's great to see the focus shift from his own insanity to the insanity of the grisly, supernatural, back-alley murders. Moon Knight isn't crazy, his world is, and he is seeing it as his duty to dive in. This issue was particularly gross, and the ending may leave you feeling a little queasy.

With the recent announcement of this volume coming to a close, and the much revered writer's future on the series still unclear, I would implore anyone remotely interested in Moon Knight, noir-esque comics or just those wanting a breather from Marvel's obsession with 'big' stories, pick up these issues.


Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Great issue, AMazing artwork, but I was kinda confused with the story. I would give it 8/10

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