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4000 years ago, Amutef sacrifices a sacred cat to the gods. The priest of Khonshu stops him and they mummify his body. They try to bind his spirit using an amulet, but it has already left and instead, resides within it. Present day, and Steven Grant is attending the opening of an Egyptian exhibit with Marlene, who happens to be wearing the amulet for the first time since her father found it. Doctor Strange shows up, but is too late to prevent her possession. Steven doesn't believe him and leaves with Marlene, who says she's feeling ill. That night, Moon Knight is doing his rounds Doctor Strange shows up again, knowing that he is Steven Grant. Again, he calls Strange crazy and leaves. The next night, Moon Knight is heading on his rounds with Frenchie when their helicopter is seized by unseen forces (demons). Doctor Strange appears once again and saves them. Upon landing, he convinces Moon Knight of the supernatural occurrences. They return to the mansion to find the house swarming with cats and Marlene is almost unconscious. Strange performs a spell that releases the Priest's spirit from Marc and the two spirits battle through time and space until they return to ancient Egypt where they began. The Priest is ultimately victorious and Marc and Marlene both return to normal.







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