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Primal Scream

Moon Knight enters a warehouse at night and is attacked by a teenager named Frank, who is behaving like an animal. Earlier that afternoon, Jake, Crawley, and Gena are talking at the diner when a gang bursts through the door, all acting feral. Gena has her arm bitten and Jake is knocked unconscious. Back to that night, Frank has slipped past the police and heading back to Gena. Meanwhile, Moon Knight explores the warehouse. He finds it full of chemical containers and injured teens. They say Alcaide is the one responsible, having found a drum labelled "Primal Project". Marc recognizes the name and thinks back to a job he took years ago involving the feds. He then runs into Alcaide, who has turned into a kind of werebeast. They fight, while at the same time, Gena is fighting Frank once again at the diner. Both end up defeating their attackers. Gena, however, doesn't take the events of the night very well.

The Vault of Knight

A character named Scorecard is telling the reader about Moon Knight, in a kind of epilogue to the previous story.

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